2044 a world governed by DAOs


Decentralized autonomous organization

What is a DAO company?

A decentralized autonomous organization, or simply DAO, is a company or organization whose decisions are made electronically by means of a written computer code or by the vote of its members. In essence, it is a system of coded rules that define what actions an organization will take.




Participation and security

The participation of all shareholders is a problem. Currently, the term for said organization is a “general partnership”, which means that each participant is responsible for the legal actions and debts that the company may face.

Another difficulty that arises is the difficulty of changing the code of a DAO or intelligent contracts once deployed in the blockchain.



Why is a DAO better than current organizations?


– Without dictatorships of the Chief with the consensus.

– Collaboration to build the DAO means reward for work done.

– The contracts are immutable (without intermediaries and without the need to give faith).

– Eliminates the need for trust by offering truth that reinforces trust.

– No geographical limit. Anyone can collaborate and be a part.

– You participate without established hours, for tasks done.


Surely you can have many more advantages.

Do we collaborate to promote the DAO?

I wish and visualize that our dreams become reality


I have a 7 year old nephew and I am going to work hard to make your dreams come true.

I visualize a 2022 where children will fill the elderly with happiness and abundance (ahead gamers, open source, dreamers)

I visualize a 2044 where my real pension plan (savings) will be my fruits collected in the different DAO where I collaborated happily every day to have the abundance and happiness that all children deserve for the birthright in this beautiful place where we live with respect and freedom thanks to the first DAO Bitcoin

Where we propose 7 basic rules that a DAO must comply with


1.- Altruism as a form of self-realization and social benefit complementary to the existing alternative such as greed.

2.- Collaborate as a way to maximize the social benefit complementary to the other alternative that exists that is to compete.

3.- Charity with donation and commitment to people being complementary to the other existing alternative such as envy.

4. Humility as a principle to acquire knowledge and complementary wisdom to the other existing alternative such as pride.

5.- Austerity in its management philosophy to achieve the Abundance complementary to the other existing alternative such as excesses.

6.- Truth and transparency in the sales process complementary to the other existing alternative such as lies and hypocrisy.

7.- Serenity, calm and temperance in your purchase decisions offering you the information you need for your decision and contrasting them in real time without haste, without stress.


Reevolution #Blockchain

Fast and peaceful change of the global digital society, where with Blockchain technology

( CrowdFintech, CrowdTravel, CrowdEducation, CrowdEquity, CrowdSale, CrowdICO, CrowdHealth, CrowdOrganics, CrowdOffers, Crowdothers )

and with the support of decentralized communities #DAO we achieve Happiness and Abundance worldwide

join you

We are all One

We Can do iT Togheter

union and collaboration all the DAO, please



gracias Thanks ຂອບໃຈ dankie danke díky شكر ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು 谢谢 謝謝
고마워 kiitos merci ευχαριστώ תודה धन्यवाद ありがとう
спасибо whakawhetai mahalo taing આભાર

In Aragon We trust with True

In District0X We trust with True

In Ethereum We Trust with True

innovation = inventions x communication capacity of the DAO

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