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Proposal format for voting at yermoo DAO ( Testnet Rinkeby )

Before starting the format established for the proposals. I will deal with the DAO mission and how you can collaborate with Yermoo DAO in just 3 steps.

The Mission at Yermoo DAO

Yermoo DAO born from a need of new users incorporated into the crypto space and the world of decentralization

In the face of the explosion of hundreds of projects and new initial offers of cryptocurrencies and the lack of regulation there is a lot of mistrust of the crypto world by the users themselves

Our mission is to use the user experience of the members DAO in these new tools to evaluate them and give a rating on:

ICO Websites
Bounties Websites

And provide the new user with some confidence in these new tools and cryptocurrencies

Join and collaborate through the new DAO to evaluate new tools through a multidisciplinary team with the objective of self-regulating the new tools with the approved norms with the consensus of the community

We are people interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralization (DAO)

How you can collaborate with Yermoo DAO only 3 steps

Step 1:

Complete this easy doodle survey

Evaluator member / non-evaluating member

Step 2

If you have decided to be a full evaluator member,

Complete this easy doodle survey

5 roles where we intend to evaluate:

Team 1 — Technician / developer / programmer

Team 2 — legal / compliance

Team 3 — economy / finance

Team 4 — marketing / commercial

Team 5 — human Resources

Step 3:

Make a proposal to Yermoo DAO on any of these 3 Goals and you will get your first reward in YermooS ( Testnet )

  1. DAO Government
  2. Evaluator Algorithm Decentralized
  3. Rewards to members

We have decided to be an organization that uses the Dapp Aragon for your Government, this is our link. (you will need METAMASK and have a few ETH in RinKeby for the vote or proposals) we will send you your first yermoo if you make a proposal and it is approved by the DAO

Format established for the proposals

The proposals to be discussed are centered on these 3 topics:

  • Governance
  • Evaluator or evaluator model ( Algorithm )
  • Rewards or bounties (for making proposal or for executing proposal)

The format of the proposals must include these points

1.- Define proposal
2.-Tasks necessary to execute the proposal
3.- Minimum team of people and which of the 5 areas
4.- Dead-line necessary terms
5.- Reward in YermooS for work done
6.- Media of the executing team






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